Concord Auto Detail             774-293-8091        

Q)   How long does it take?

       Average Time Is 3.5 - 4 hours. More time is required for trucks and           S.U.V's.

Q)   Is the price listed always the price?

       At times some require more time to complete for different reasons,           but we always will make you aware of extra cost before starting.  

Q)   Why Should I call you? 

        Since we do not have to pay rent, our costs are lower than others.  

Q)   What forms of payment will you accept?

       Cash, check, all major credit cards, Google/Apple pay, Venmo, and           Paypal.

Q)   Do you provide gift cards?

       Yes we do.  Here is the ecard link:


Q)   Do you use eco-friendly products?*

       Yes. We have some eco-friendly products available. We also don't             use a loud generator or compressor, and all of our chemicals are               VOC compliant. Ask about our waterless car wash.

Q)   Can you remove scratches?

       Scratches can be removed as long as they do not break the clear               coat. On plastic bumpers, it may require sanding and finishing. One           of our team members would need to come out and take a look.

Q)   Can you remove odors?

       Depending on the source.  In most cases we can remove odors by             using deodorizing chemicals.

Q)   Do you do ceramic coatings?

       Yes.  Coating provides a shield for your car to protect from                       chemicals, corrosion, UV, dirt, oxidation, and aging.  It also makes             washing your car much easier as dirt slides off.

Q)   What areas do you serve?

       Greater Worcester, Middlesex, and Norfolk counties

* We will need to be within 100 feet of a water and electrical source.


Give us a call if you plan to sell your car or return a lease.  A clean car sells faster!