Total Detail*: Interior and Exterior 

Cars - $255      

Mid-Size SUV - $280 

Large Size SUV and Trucks - $350 

Mini-Van, Work truck/van, extra large SUV - $380



             Exterior wash, remove road tar, bird droppings, wheels/rims.

Finished Wax/Buffing is additional $25 per car
(For a better long lasting coat and shine)

"Sparkling shine on outside and meticulous clean on the inside" 


Premium Detail*: Total Detail + Pinnacle Brazilian Carnuba Wax 
(For new car protection that gives a hard shell barrier)

Cars - $299.

Mid-Size SUV - $325. 

Large Size SUV and Trucks - $399.  

Interior Clean*       

Cars - $205

Mid - Size SUV - $230

Large Size SUV and Trucks - $300  

(third row)

Minivan, Work van/truck, extra large SUV - $330

  •       Cleaning includes vacuum, clean trunk, door jams, shampoo seats and rugs, scrub                       
  •       leather clean, and condition.

  •       Detail dash, console, door panels, clean windows , and leather clean.


    Hi-Speed buffing and paint correction from $150*

    Ceramic Coatings - Provides a permanent high gloss shield to your vehicle. We have the lowest prices around.  Call for more information.



     *Prices may vary depending on condition of vehicle. 





    Full Mobile Detailing

    Waxing and Polishing        

    Interior clean only


    Concord Auto Detail