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In the scenario, an expert detailer is meticulously executing a waterless cleaning procedure on a truck. Rather than traditional methods using water, they're employing eco-friendly cleaning solutions and microfiber towels. With skilled precision, they apply the cleaning solution onto the truck's surface and delicately wipe away dirt, grime, and debris. This innovative waterless approach conserves water while achieving impressive outcomes, leaving the truck's exterior shining and safeguarded. The detailer's focused concentration and precise actions underscore their commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship.

Exterior Clean & Scratch Removal

Our fully equipped van has everything needed to make your car look amazing. We show up and get the job done!

Polishing out scratches on a car involves delicately buffing the affected areas with a specialized compound and pad. By gently applying circular motions, the detailer gradually diminishes the scratches, blending them with the surrounding surface. This meticulous process restores the paint's smoothness and shine, leaving behind a flawless finish that enhances the car's appearance.

Waxing & Polishing

Our professional-grade equipment gives you professional results. Your car will shine like new with our polishing approach.

Wiping down the interior of a car involves using a soft cloth or microfiber towel to remove dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces inside the vehicle. The detailer typically starts from the dashboard and works their way down to the center console, door panels, seats, and other interior components. They may also use a gentle cleaning solution or interior detailer spray to effectively lift and remove any stubborn stains or grime. This process helps to maintain a clean and tidy interior, enhancing the overall appearance and comfort of the vehicle.

Interior Cleaning & Extraction

Our interior detailing is second to none. If you desire the pinnacle of cleanliness ask about our extraction cleaning package!

Joe Tremblay
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Great experience, Alex did a fantastic job cleaning and removing mold from my truck, he even worked through the rain with a smile on his face! Very satisfied with his work. Would recommend to anyone looking to have their car detailed inside and out.
Steven Powell
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I am the original owner of a 2012 Dodge Journey, which has always been parked outside under oak trees. The tree grime was just impossible to remove by myself or at the car wash. In a little less than four hours, the Concord Auto Detailing team had my car looking like new inside and out. I never thought that anyone could restore my car to its original shine. The team did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend them. Thanks, guys for an excellent job!
Karen Vergato
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My car looks amazing. He was on-time and spent a little extra time on scratches and trim. Will definately use his services again. I have already referred him to a family member. 👍


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We will come directly to you with our fully equipped mobile unit with all the tools of the trade needed to provide your vehicle with the finest professional detail service out there. Our crew will detail your car while you’re at home doing what you need to do with the speed and efficiency of a full-detail shop. We also search for the latest and greatest products to ensure you receive the best results!

In the image, a person is meticulously wiping the interior surfaces of a car with a soft microfiber cloth. With focused attention, they glide the cloth over the dashboard, steering wheel, and center console, erasing dust and smudges with precision. The gentle motions reflect a commitment to achieving a spotless finish, enhancing the car's interior with a renewed shine.


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